About LaNae

THE OWNER: Hi loves! My name is Renita, owner and operator of LaNae Creations. Although I am maintaining my membership in the corporate thug gang, I am an analyst by day and your favorite sewist by night and most weekends. Maybe one day, I can return these two computer screens and focus on LaNae Creations full time. Almost my entire life, I have been a creator of something. I've published two books and I also helped jump start an urban magazine after college. My passion is and always will be creating. When I'm not in my creative space, I wear the hat of wife and mom of twins. 

MY SEWING JOURNEY: My story of sewing started when I couldn’t find any throw pillows that I liked. My husband joking said "You're crafty. Just make some." I was deep into crafting and had not thought about sewing at all. But he bought me a sewing machine and I began to teach myself how to sew. Here we are five years later and although I'm a writer and crafter at heart, sitting at my sewing machine makes me smile. 

ABOUT LANAE: How did I come up with the name LaNae Creations? It's an easy and simple answer. My middle name is LaNae. The name LaNae means Creator and "of great worth". How can I not use my name with such powerful meaning? The name LaNae also suggests that one is well... very creative and artistically oriented. That is definitely me. 

MY HOPES: Here, you will find quality products handmade and sewn by yours truly. Whether it’s a hair tie or a handbag, I can assure you that the product will be made from a place of love and positivity. I hope that I can inspire at least one person to live out your intentions with love, positivity, light and creativeness.